together under one roof.

The chef combines old traditional recipes with new flavours and modern cuisine. He always makes sure to select local produce from the valley. Oskar has always been daring – and a perfectionist -, and so about 10 years ago together with his friend Kurt he created the “Furchetta” food brand.


With its Furchetta project, Messner goes against the import of food produce. The Furchetta project for the “Regional development of the Villnösser Brillenschaf sheep” has been supported by the European Social Fund (ESF). The farmers’ association guarantees to local farmers the purchase of their products, at a fair price, particularly as far as the meat and the wool of the Villnösser Brillenschaf sheep.

In this way Oskar has ensured the survival of the rare Funes breed.

As a chef, at the beginning Oskar was mainly interested in lamb meat. However, he soon fell in love with this sweet animal, and now he also works to promote the use of its wool, and most of all to ensure the well-being of this peculiar breed.

There are today 50 farmers raising Villnösser Brillenschaf sheep across the whole of the Dolomite region.

Pitzock: “2-toque” kitchen in Funes
14,5/20 score by Gault & Millau


Our chef Oskar Messner has one special objective: the products and the characteristics of his valley must be revalued and taken to the table. A demonstration of this is the “Villnösser Brillenschaf” sheep, a Funes local indigenous breed with characteristic black rings around its eyes. Tender lamb meat is the star of the restaurant. Particularly popular is the lamb meat ragù, but also the more classic delicious lamb shank with aromatic herb risotto. An important element of Restaurant Pitzock is also the idea of Slow Food. Messner’s most popular dish is indeed lamb shank, which combines many important points of his philosophy. Also very popular at the traditional inn are the cold tomato velouté soup with basil foam and the apple and poppy seed fritters, further demonstrations of the importance of preserving the traditions and authenticity of South Tyrol. The Pitzock restaurant shows how the authenticity and the high quality of South Tyrol can be knowledgeably showcased -> Quote by Gault & Millau

Without my staff I would not be here