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The Pitzock restaurant is located in the magnificent Val di Funes, a valley next to the Valle Iscaro. The amiable Oskar Messner curates the cuisine and his philosophy is one of the purest with regards to the concept of “km 0” (zero food miles). Every detail is the fruit of a meticulous sourcing of the best products, and of tradition that is not only South Tyrolean, but more specifically that of the Val di Funes itself. The gastronomic experience is a perfect fusion between territory and flavor. The “Villnösser Brillenschaf” brand safeguards the typical local sheep, and it is promoted by Oskar right from the entrance where we find a beautiful display case of the products: wool and meat. Simple flavors are found in the dishes such as potatoes, grain, and lamb enriched by the scents of South Tyrol. They dance on your palate until you feel intoxicated. The delicate trout, prepared with great skill, is placed on a bed of cubed potatoes and seasoned with local herbs. The potato frittelle, finally, in just a few bites summarizes a lifetime dedicated to one’s own land and cooking. The desserts are also a surprise, the only deviation from the South Tyrolean theme, but Oskar demonstrates true mastery in their execution.

++ Ending the year on a high note

Incredibly pleasant atmosphere. Welcoming and attentive service. The enthusiast owner and his team of chefs have brought to the table a refined New Year’s Eve Menu in Slow Food Style. We hope that the New Year will bring us many similar experiences!


++ Perfectly cooked with love, imagination and expertise

After three years we went back to Pitzock to eat well. In the meantime, 50 farmers of the Funes Valley have joined forces in this initiative to raise the traditional “Brillenschaf” sheep. The picturesque terrace is new and the small restaurant’s vegetable garden keeps flourishing. Over the hills is the grazing flock of “Brillenschaf” sheep, which owns its existence to the chef of the restaurant. Porcini mushroom “cappuccino” velouté with a delicate flavour, warm “Brillenschaf” sheep ham (surprisingly spicy and different) and as home speciality a selection of three sheep meat delicacies: cutlets, fillet wrapped in speck ham and a sort sheep meat sticks: a real feast for the palate! All very carefully prepared, and this time without having to wait too long. We will certainly be back!


++ 9 Reasons why we never have enough of South Tyrol

7. The Pitzock restaurant is worth a stop – essen & trinken in San Pietro, Funes Valley. In his restaurant, Oskar Messner creates a large variety of starters. For those who cannot make their mind up, there is the possibility of ordering a selection of samples (“Köschterle”), so that they can get a taste of what’s on offer. As he pays a lot of attention to pasta dishes, the choice of main courses is much easier, as there are only two or may be three creative and extremely high quality alternatives. Oskar promotes the Slow Food philosophy and is committed to the preservation of the local Funes Valley “Villnösser Brillenschaf” sheep. Dear Oskar, our latest visit to your restaurant may not be particularly recent, but we are always happy to be back. We love you and your food!



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